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2016 Porsche Panamera GTS (8 Cyl 4.8L MCX.PA) Air Bag Components


For your 2016 Panamera GTS, shop and save on these wholesale genuine parts. ThisElectrical assembly diagram and OEM parts list is for a 8 cylinder 4.8 liter engine (MCX.PA).

There is no more important compomnent in your Porsche, than the air bag. It's job is to protect your body from injury in the event of a crash. Should the air bag deploy and your car is able to be repaired, you should only use an OEM air bag form Your Porsche Parts. Aftermarket or grey market air bags are not held to the same standard as OEM ones, which could potentially be unsafe for you to have in your vehicle.

No known discontinued parts in this assembly. If you believe a part is discontinued, feel free to notify/contact us